Preventative Intervention Programs (PIP)

We deliver a step by step approach to workforce awareness, injury prevention and risk minimisation:

  1. Identification and an awareness of the need to change behaviour/s
  2. Education of the underlying causes leading to injury, dysfunction or disease
  3. Practical solutions to improve manual handling, ergonomics, physical conditioning and to reduce the risk of chronic disease
  4. Our strategies and engagement initiatives support and reinforce steps 1-3 in an ongoing capacity.

BackFit ™

Do you need a new approach to manual handling training?

Our practical BackFit program not only teaches this - but empowers your workforce to take control of their movements and their bodies!

The BackFit program will:

  • Raise awareness of correct and safe manual handling, optimal posture, core stability and injury prevention strategies in the workplace.
  • Highlight the potential physiological risk and impact of injuries associated with posture, incorrect manual handling techniques and repetitive movements.
  • Engage and empower each team member with increased knowledge of preventative intervention along with physical awareness and preparedness to address the strategic safety objective.
  • Facilitate the development of a workplace culture that supports preventative intervention objectives and company policies.
  • Introduce the Micro-Breaks initiative - designed to maintain body awareness, negate the effects of prolonged sitting and reduce the load of repetitive strain.

An example of a work ready stretching routine!

DeskFit ™

Workspace and Ergonomic training with a difference!

Our DeskFit program strives to empower team members to minimise the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Completely customisable, and suitable for either group learning or individual consultation for at risk workers, this program will bridge the gap between ergonomic theory and human biomechanics.

The DeskFit program will:

  • Teach participants to self-assess their workspace (desk, workbench, line, car etc).
  • Provide individual recommendations toward optimal ergonomics and body positioning.
  • Coach the employee for improved postural stability and alignment.
  • Introduce the Micro-Breaks initiative - designed to maintain body awareness, negate the effects of prolonged sitting and reduce the load of repetitive strain.

“Excellent training workshop and fantastic take home resources for our staff. We will definitely be doing this program again!” HR Manager - 2014


An example of our micro-breaks initiative - all resources can be customised with your health and safety logos!

 Sitting down for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise. But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we move around. Are our bodies built for such a sedentary existence? Dalkilinç investigates the hidden risks of sitting down.

Chronic Disease Risk Reduction

TeamHealth checks will form part of your organisations health snapshot.

Undertaking TeamHealth checks on a regular (annual) basis will enable you to measure and track the organisations health scored against the 8 chronic disease risk factors:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Diabetes risk
  3. CVD risk
  4. Body shape
  5. Smoking status
  6. Health eating
  7. Physical activity
  8. Cholesterol

This chronic disease risk data can then be correlated against statistics on absenteeism, injury rates and turnover to show a valuable ROI!

"Unhealthy workers take 9 x more sick days / year than healthy workers" (1)

"The average reported reduction in injury rates and claims by organisations involved in health and wellbeing programs is 50%" (2)

“For every dollar invested in workplace health and wellbeing programs, there is a return on investment of between $3 and $6.” (3)


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