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The ability of one’s musculo-skeletal system to safely undertake job tasks is essential. Everyone, and every task has different demands, so we teach correct human movement for efficient and effective manual handling.

Did you know? In the manufacturing industry, between 2007–08 and 2011–12:

Body stressing represented 41% of claims—many of these claims were due to muscular stress while lifting, carrying, or putting down crates, boxes, barrels and other containers. (source: Safe Work Australia)

Your manual handling program will be designed to:

  • Raise awareness of optimal posture, manual handling and injury prevention strategies in their workplace.
  • Highlight the potential physiological risks and impact of injuries (both physical, psychological and social) associated with poor posture, manual handling and repetitive movement.
  • Engage and empower each staff with increase knowledge of preventative intervention along with physical awareness and preparedness to address the Strategic Safety objective.
  • Facilitate the development of a workplace culture that supports preventative intervention objectives and company policies.

Our BackFit program provides the foundation for our manual handling initiatives. 

The training workshops are interactive, practical, informative, educational and encouraging. We teach your employees how to do their tasks in the most efficient and safe way!

"PACE have allowed us to focus proactively on staff wellbeing, injury prevention and risk management in a holistic and integrated manner."

National OHS&E Advisor, Lite 'n Easy

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