Improve awareness and self management.

Correct working postures and positions are vital to the longevity of your workforce. We undertake ergonomic assessments of desks, workstations, vehicles and any situation where your employees spend their working time. 

The ergonomic assessment can be arranged for individual employees, or part of a group office ergonomic and physical preparedness program. Management are provided with a comprehensive report/s including any recommendations required to improve the current set up.

Our workplace ergonomic program is DeskFit - click here to read more.

DeskFit teaches your team how to undertake specific workstation assessments and inspire them toward improved workplace biomechanics, ergonomics, body postures and concentration.

Participants in DeskFit will:

  • Be made aware of the importance of physical preparedness for the workplace
  • Be able to self assess their own working area/s.
  • Be able to undertake personalised stretching and postural exercises
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of poor posture and ergonomics
  • Appreciate the negative effect poor posture can have on ones musculo-skeletal system.

Team members are provided with a take home reference manual outlining workshop topics, themes and exercises.

Options are affordable and will increase the awareness of correct ergonomics and decrease the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries.

"Excellent training workshop with fantastic workplace and take home resources for our team. We will definitely be doing this program again!"

- HR Manager

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The Posture Station teaches your workforce how to optimise posture to reduce spinal strain, improve concentration and minimise discomfort