Educate, inspire, reward.

PACE Occupational Health blends professional creativity with technical knowledge and quality assurance.

We take pride in our programs which inspire people to create long term lifestyle change through awareness and self management.

Our highly skilled staff are paramount to our success. They work closely with you to design and implement your programs. Our team includes physiotherapists, osteopaths, exercise physiologists, dieticians, myotherpists, injury rehabilitation consultants and presenters.

Investing in a structured, measurable and effective health program will create a healthy workplace culture.

Happy participants!

Happy participants!



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At PACE we also work closely with all types of people within a clinical environment. This practical application of lifestyle change and injury rehabilitation ensures our workplace programs are relevant and engaging.

We also have numerous private exercise clinics where people of all ages and abilities become empowered to lead healthier, stronger and more confident lifestyles. Check our other site for more information.